The battle between jocks and nerds over Chicago's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. – By Brad Flora


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The battle between jocks and nerds over Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. – By Brad Flora
Chicago Loses, Nerds WinThe real story behind the battle over the 2016 Summer Olympics.By Brad FloraPosted Friday, Oct. 2, 2009, at 11:45 AM ETThe Chicago skyline On Friday in Copenhagen, the International Olympic Committee got Chicago’s best shot. President Obama flew in to stump for the city’s bid for the 2016 Olympics, joining Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. It wasn’t enough: Chicago lost out in the first round of voting, a shocking defeat for the odds-on favorite to win the 2016 games.PRINTDISCUSSE-MAILRSSRECOMMEND…SINGLE PAGEYahoo! Buzz FacebookMySpace Mixx Digg Reddit Furl Ma.gnolia SphereStumbleUponCLOSEBack in the Windy City, not everybody is disappointed at Chicago’s loss. Despite more than 50 community meetings and a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign aimed at winning over the city through inescapable advertising, the city’s Olympics gambit started to lose favor as the IOC’s announcement approached. A recent Chicago Tribune/WGN poll pegged public support at 47 percent, down from 61 percent in February.Why the grumbling? The bid’s most visible opponents have spent years howling that the Olympics will breed graft and political corruption and bleed an already cash-strapped city dry. Chicago 2016’s supporters, by contrast, have argued that the Olympics will improve the city’s standing, create jobs, and boost local morale. The debate here wasn’t best understood as an honest disagreement over what’s best for Chicago. Rather, the rhetoric was indicative of a more fundamental clash: the eternal battle of jocks vs. nerds.

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